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What are Bluestone Pavers?

What are Bluestone Pavers?

What are Bluestone Pavers?

Bluestone Tiles And Pavers

Are you carrying out renovation work and want to know more about bluestone pavers?

Basalt/slate is a metamorphic igneous rock that is extracted and mined across several Australian quarries. When it retails on the market it’s sold under the commercial name of Bluestone. This name is characteristic of the stone’s colour which comes in varying shades of blue and purple. Bluestone is a favourite paving option, preferred over concrete, clay, and brick because of its hardiness and versatility.

Where can you install bluestone?

Bluestone is typically used for outdoor paving thanks to its durability and weather resistant qualities. Ideal for both residential and commercial projects, this natural stone can be used in a variety of areas such as:

      ·   Sidewalks

      ·   Stepping stones

      ·   Walkways

      ·   Garden paths

      ·   Garden features

Cost of bluestone pavers in Australia

Bluestone pavers aren’t created equal. Their price is determined by two main features: the type of bluestone paver and the type of bluestone finishing.

Type of bluestone paver

The two biggest options are irregular bluestone pavers and regular bluestone pavers. Irregular pavers are neither uniform in colour nor in size. Whereas, regular bluestone pavers (also known commercially as thermal bluestone) are cut to a uniform standard size and are of a similar material and colour.

Type of bluestone finishing

There are several types of bluestone finishes. Each type of finish is designed to give a particular personality to the stone. Example finishes are bluestone flamed, bluestone honed, and bluestone sandblasted.

So, how much does it cost to install bluestone pavers? Here are the popular bluestone paver options and their respective prices:

     ·    Bluestone flamed from $35

     ·    Bluestone honed from $59

     ·    Bluestone sandblasted from $45

     ·    Bluestone sawn from $49

     ·    Bluestone steppers from $35

     ·    Sawn bluestone crazy paving from $48

Are bluestone pavers expensive? As you can see from above, they come in a variety of pricing options so you can choose those that best suit your needs.

How much does it cost to install a bluestone patio?

The average cost of tiling your patio with bluestone is $50 to $55 per square metre, with sealing costing on average $10 to $15 per square metre. These are estimated figures, which will change depending on the quality of the pavers you choose. To obtain a more precise estimate, get a no-obligation quote from Sydney Tile Gallery experts today.

Things to consider before starting your building project

If you’re planning on doing some renovation work on your property, and have opted for bluestone pavers, it might be a good idea to find a reliable and competent team of bluestone installers. In addition, make sure that you purchase all your products from reputable tile shops. If you don’t know how much does bluestone cost per square foot, you can enquire from tile shops such as Sydney Tile Gallery to get a more accurate quote.

Where to buy bluestone pavers

Sydney Tile Gallery is a leading tile shop located in the Inner West. Come through and browse our collection of high quality, high grade bluestone pavers. Book your appointment with us today by calling our friendly staff on 0415 068 469 or send us as email at info@sydneytilegallery.com


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