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Travertine Pavers – Enhance the Look of Your Backyard

Is your backyard not looking as vibrant as you would want it to be? There are several steps that you can take to enhance the look of your home’s outdoor area. One of the simplest and most affordable ways to do this is to install travertine pavers in your backyard. Here is how you can enhance the look of your backyard with travertine pavers. 1.  Choosing the right size, design, and [...]


What is the Best Type of Tile for a Bathroom?

Are you remodeling or renovating your bathroom? Do you want to know the best type of tiles for your bathroom walls? Let us help you make the right choice. Tiles are a natural feature for bathroom walls that can enhance the overall look and value of your home. Many types of bathroom tiles are available, but not all tiles are best for use in such wet spots. Here are some [...]


Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Travertine in Australia

Are you thinking of using travertine in your next building project, but would like more information about this beautiful stone? Travertine is a natural stone that has been used in construction projects since time memorial. The Colosseum in Italy happens to be the largest building ever constructed using travertine. Today, travertine is more commonly used for creating garden paths, paving patios, and tiling kitchens among other rooms. Is travertine tile good [...]