Looking to Install Ceramic Tile Flooring? Here are 5 Things You Should Know First

Are you looking for floor tiling options? Then look no further than ceramic tiles.

Ceramic is a multi-purpose solid material made from a combination of clay, sand, and other natural products. Ceramic tiles are favored by many builders because of their hardness, chemical resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Ceramic tiles owe their hardness to the firing process they undergo in kilns. Today, two major types of ceramic tiles are used for residential and commercial projects: glazed and unglazed tiles. Here are five other things you should know about ceramic tiles.

1. Ceramic tiles are extremely durable

Durability is a very important thing to consider when planning a renovation project. No one wants to install tiles that will no sooner fall apart than they were installed. For this reason, you’re well within your right to ask how long does ceramic tile flooring last? Rest assured, ceramic tile flooring can last for decades when well-maintained. Additionally, ceramic tiles are impervious to water making them a great option for indoor flooring.

modern kitchen with ceramic tiles

2. Ceramic tiles are resilient and resistant

Ceramic tiles are typically used in commercial areas, in places where there is high traffic because of their resilient and resistant nature. They hold up excellently in high tread areas. Adding an abrasive glaze over the ceramic tiles reduces the slipperiness of the tiles.

3. Ceramic tiles enjoy the permanent colour

The chemicals used to clean floors, the sun, and other factors can cause tiles to lose their colour over time. Fortunately, with ceramic tiles, this is not something you ever have to worry about. Ceramic tiles don’t fade, and don’t lose colour no matter how long they have been installed for, therefore, you can enjoy colour permanence for many years to come.

4. Ceramic tiles are great for places where hygiene is important

If you’re looking for tiles to install in a place that requires strict hygiene standards such as a commercial kitchen, hospital, or even your very own residential kitchen, ceramic tiles should be your first option. You can clean these tiles easily, and use a wide range of cleaning products without fear of damaging the floor.

5. Cost of buying and installing ceramic tile

By now you might be wondering, how much does it cost to buy ceramic tiles, and also how much does it cost to have ceramic tile installed?

Sydney Tile Gallery, one of the leading ceramic tile suppliers in Sydney boasts a unique range of high-quality ceramic tiles designed to impress. White non-rectified ceramic tiles start from $18 per square metre, while opal ceramic tiles start from $60 per square metre.

Serviceseeking.com.au claims that experienced tilers charge on average $60hr for laying on of ceramic tiles. Per square metre, this comes down to about $35 per square metre.

Where to buy ceramic tiles in Sydney

Sydney Tile Gallery is a leading tile shop located in the Inner West. Come through and browse our collection of high quality, high-grade ceramic tiles. Book your appointment with us today by calling our friendly staff on 02 7205 6212 or send us an email at info@sydneytilegallery.com

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