The Newest Trends In Kitchen Tiles

Are you looking for kitchen tile ideas or inspiration? Selecting the correct Tiles are very important in kitchen or as a contrast of a décor they’re practical also adds personality to the room. All sorts of tiles can be used on walls, the floor or even as a splashback. There are a large choice of materials and styles to choose from that are available on the market and can suit all sort of budgets. When selecting the right beautiful tile correctly it can make your kitchen furniture pop by having the right finished touches to your kitchen. Why not continue reading on to gather more ideas about selecting the right tiles for your kitchen.

Use tiles around an island unit

Let your floor make a statement in your house by having patterned floor tiles bordering the kitchen island creates a unique feature around it. Picking out the right tiles can be fun as there are plenty of different designs and styles to make your kitchen island pop. Mosaic tiles, for example, creates a variety of patterns and eye-catching details that will make your kitchen look fresh. Pale stone around the patterned mosaic tiles will make them stand out even more.

Don’t shy away from Encaustic tiles

Encaustic tiles are back with a bang! They are very versatile, and their vibrant colours and striking designs are becoming increasingly popular home designs especially in kitchens. Bold geometric styles and patchwork designs are no longer for commercial use only, they are a good as a kitchen tile backsplash idea as well. Encaustic tiles come in a myriad of shapes, geometric pastel designs and monochrome motifs. There are encaustic tiles for every style and design for all plans and designs to ensure your kitchen makes the wow factor in your house.

Introduce character with natural stone tiles

Stone tiles have an enduring beauty and individual character in them. They are inherently beautiful, have a long lifespan they never look old or go out of fashion also if they are sealed so that they do not stain.  Stone tiles can be used in farmhouse-style kitchens and contemporary ones too. If you have a rustic kitchen, a natural stone backsplash really complements dark wood tones. There’s a reason why stone tiling has been used for many years, it works not only brings the beauty of stone tiles but leaves a beautiful and wow factor I your design.

Get some eye-catching porcelain tiles

Do you love large format tiles? Porcelain tiles are durable and hardwearing which makes them the tried and trusted tiling material for kitchens. They come in different designs such as faux wood and marble effect porcelain tiles. Porcelain is a strong material and the tiles can be made thin so that the are light weight. In the cold months, porcelain works well with underfloor heating so that your kitchen is always nice and toasty.

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