Top Designs In Bathroom Tiles – Modern Bathroom Tiling Ideas For Your Dream Home

modern bathroom tile ideas

In bathroom decor, a little feature of beautiful stylish, modern tiles will not only leave that wow factor but will leave a beautiful impression in your bathroom it doesn’t only have good benefit of having Tiles that protect the bathroom walls from water damage but are a practical choice for bathrooms. The right choice of tiles can transform your bathroom and make it look very modern and trendy. A splash of colour or a fresh pattern may be just what you need to make your bathroom pop and leave your guests leave with a wow factor once they have stepped into your bathroom and seen the latest design, modern and trendy tiles in your bathroom which can guarantee to leave them speechless. Below are some modern bathroom tile ideas.

Mix and match colours

A sure-fire way to make a statement is by using two types of tile in the same bathroom. If you have two colours that match and you are not sure of which one to go for, why not have both? A great bathroom wall tile idea is to alternate the different coloured tiles or have one colour on the floor and the other on the walls or can even do a certain section, side of the wall as a feature of pattern tiles. If you aren’t good at matching tiles you can opt for mixed mosaic tiles which come in all shades and will make your bathroom look stunning.

Textured tiles

3D tiles bring another dimension to your bathroom with a unique feature that’s modern and very wow factored at the same time. There are a variety of motifs to choose from when it comes to textured tiles. Ribbed subway tiles also add some visual interest to a bathroom they best with a muted metallic colour palette.  Simulated terra cotta tiles provide texture and comfort. If you have a specific designs or aesthetics you are looking for why not go online and use some useful resources from social media platforms or why not go into a tile shop and talk to an experienced tile expert for some useful ideas about the latest designs that are chic, glam, modern and trendy or just simply just go for the endless design of plain white or soft coloured designs that are timeless.

Mix and match shapes

Traditionally, tiles are usually square shaped forget the old fashioned and why not go with a modern look that will leave all your guests with the wow factor. If you don’t like the idea of mixing and matching different coloured tiles in your bathroom, why not mix and match different shaped tiles instead. Hexagonal tiles are a great bathroom floor tile idea they can be paired nicely with a string of white tiles on the walls and in the shower. Hexagonal tiles can be used to make a striking feature wall if your floor is plain.

Wood effect tiles

Why not bring the outdoors look indoors? The Wood effect tiles are a fun way to bring the outdoors into your home. They come in natural brown and sandy tones. There are some white-washed versions too! White wood effect tiles can help you create a soothing Scandinavian look in your bathroom. If you are looking for bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms, white-washed tiles can also make a small bathroom feel larger and brighter if they are paired well with a lighter-toned tile on the bathroom wall.

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