What Type of Marble Should You Use In Your New House?

White Marble tiles

Marble has been used since time memorial in construction because of its aesthetic appeal as well as its technical properties. Marble is a material that adds instant glam to any space whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Here are five creative ways in which you can use the different types of marble available to furnish your new house.

1. White marble for kitchen and bathroom floors

White marble tiles are a stunning option for floors in any home. They exude class, sophistication and sheer elegance. This is particularly true of the kitchen and bathroom. If you want to achieve that 5-star hotel glam then don’t hesitate to incorporate marble tiles in your new house. It’s worth mentioning that you can match the counters and floors in both the kitchen and bathroom with the very same white marble. Make both rooms look effortlessly stylish with marble tiles and counters.

2. Grey marble as a wall cladding option for showers

Grey marble tiles are a popular bathroom wall cladding option, especially for showers. It is the height of luxe and gives off the feeling of being in a high-end spa. What’s great about grey marble is that it can be matched with a variety of bathroom fixtures which may be silver, gold or bronze in nature. Grey marble will not be difficult to match. Finding bathroom finishes to complement will not prove such an arduous task.

3. Calacatta Arabescato for entryways and passages

This type of marble also known by its source name – Calacatta Arabescato marble tile is one of the finer and rarer marbles available on the market. Thanks to its glossy white nature embedded with dark veining it is often considered as a luxury stone. If you’re looking to add a dash of class to any room in your house, you won’t go wrong with this type of marble. Think entryways, passages, and even as wall cladding in bathrooms.

4. Verde green marble for outdoor kitchens and bar areas

Will you be getting an alfresco area designed and installed for your new house? Then you might want to consider adding flooring and counters that are exquisite and will make your friends green with envy. Verde green marble is a dynamic option that’s both striking and charming at the same time. This green marble which comes with white veins is unequivocally breathtaking.

5. Go bold, go for Pietra grey marble for kitchens and bathrooms

Pietra Grey marble has a charcoal look that features prominent white veining. If you’ve ever seen kitchens with tiling that’s dark grey and striated with white veins, chances are you were looking at a floor covered by Pietra grey marble. If you’ve got a penthouse or apartment you’re renovating, Pietra grey can be a great option to consider. It’ll certainly liven up any space especially compact spaces such as apartment bathrooms.

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