How to Choose Tiles for Pool Floor?

Pool Mosaic Tiles

Are you wondering how and where to start in selecting the right tiles for your pool?

A swimming pool is one of the most aesthetically pleasing aspects of your home and can be a major home selling point. The key to making your pool look its best is in the choice of pool tiles. However, choosing the right tiles for your pool is not just about colour, design and aesthetics as there are other aspects that you need to consider. Here are some great tips on how to choose tiles for the pool floor.

1. Establish a budget

It is important to set a budget to help you choose a design or style that fits perfectly with your budget. It is best to select a pool contractor and discuss your needs and wants for a pool to get an idea for your budget.

2. Prioritize safety

You need to ensure that the pool tiles you install provide a firm grip to the feet. The area around a pool is usually always wet hence the tile should be slip-resistant to promote safety.

3. Choose a design

Another tip on how to choose tiles for the pool floor is to choose a design that would fit your pool. You can simply combine multiple basic coloured tiles to create a design of your own or if you have a big budget, choose decorative tiles that have individual designs on them.

4. Choose tile colours

Blue and white are among the most common colour choices for pool tiles as they reflect light and make it more attractive. Avoid using dark colours for the base of the pool as it will distort the colour and also make the pool depth less evident.

5. Installation and maintenance

Before you get the tiles, ask about how to clean them as well as the basic installation process. However, the actual installation will be done by an experienced tiller.

6. Use mosaic tiles

Mosaic pool tiles particularly glass mosaic pool tiles Sydney and marble mosaic tiles Sydney are the trend these days and are very popular for swimming pools. Mosaics floor tiles Sydney come in a range of sizes allowing for more flexibility and choice. It is important that you do not use tiles more than 100mm in dimension as they do not look good due to the curved bottoms of sprayed concrete swimming pools.

7. Ask for samples

Before you make a final order of your tiles, ask for samples first to help you understand the actual look of a particular tile inside your pool. This can also give you more ideas on how you can design your pool tiles.

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