How to Get Glass Mosaic Tiles for Swimming Pools?

glass mosaic tiles

Are you looking to construct a swimming pool, or redesign an old worn out one, and in need of mosaic tiles?

Glass mosaics tiles are very popular for swimming pools. However, before you decide on buying your specific mosaic, there are important factors to consider. This guide is an outline of how to get the best glass mosaic tiles for your swimming pool and more!

1. Important steps to consider: set a budget

Before construction commences, every project should begin with a realistic budget and glass mosaic tiles are no different. With a wide variety of tiles to choose from, there will be a wide price range to choose from as well. Make sure you set a realistic budget beforehand to help guide you toward certain tiles that fit your budget range.

2. Practice safety

The surface around your pool will be wet, so it’s important to consider slip-resistant mosaic tiles. The type of tile you choose for the outside of your pool will be significantly different from the ones used to line the inside so it is important to consider that.

3. Quality installation

Glass mosaic tiles can be tricky to install, so make sure your installer has the best experience in installing swimming pool tiles. Inexperienced installations can lead to cracking or leave the pool looking uneven.

4. Choosing the right glass mosaic tiles: color choice

Blue is the most universal color for swimming pools, followed by green. Blue tiles are an excellent glass mosaic tile idea and are available in light to a darker shade. Bold tones can be used to make the pool unique. Some other notable colors include red, brown and yellow to make your swimming pool stand out.

5. Shape

Pool tiles are traditionally squares and rectangles. Geometric tiles have grown to become a popular trend for swimming pools and is since growing. They add a uniqueness to any swimming pool. This collection is composed of unique designs to inspire you to fully customize your swimming pool and show your creativity in swimming pool design.

6. Getting glass mosaic tiles for your swimming pool

After deciding your choice of color and shape, now comes the fun part, purchasing the tiles and getting them installed. Sydney Tile Gallery is an experienced mosaic tiles distributor and supplies a wide range of glass mosaics in different shapes and sizes for all your swimming pool needs.

Contact Sydney Tile Gallery for all your swimming pool tiling solutions

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