Travertine is the type of stone that can be used for almost anything – be it indoor or outdoor, it is a great and low maintenance choice. When buying travertine it is crucial that you know the difference between premium and commercial grades in order to achieve your desired look.

Commercial Travertine

There is nothing wrong with buying commercial grade travertine, as long as you’re willing to accept the variation and deep pits. We would recommend commercial travertine for investment properties or for those on a budget, who would like the luxury of natural stone for a lower price. In terms of durability and strength, it is the same as the premium grades so there is no need to spend the extra cash if you like travertine to have variation.

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Premium Travertine

The creme de la creme of Travertine – Light tones with minimal variation and pits. We recommend premium grades for those who like more neutral tones and veins as these batches of travertine are more select. Travertine is also extremely low maintenance, as it is very dense and non-porous making it less susceptible to stains.

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Buying Travertine online at Sydney Tile Gallery

We import our Travertine straight from the source in Turkey, lowering our costs and controlling the quality of stone we offer our clients. We have a range of grades available to suit the needs of any project, be it high-end or budget. We offer Honed and Filled Travertine tiles and Tumbled Pavers for a seamless internal to external finish.

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