Looking for Wall Cladding to suit your home or project is no easy task, especially with the wide variety of stone and patterns to choose from. When making a decision, it’s always best to think of three key points:

  • What look you’re trying to achieve
  • Installation Budget
  • Surface Area

What look you’re trying to achieve

By this point, you’ve done your fair share of research and have found inspiration online and on social media. You will have found that the main difference between wall cladding is the shapes and textures that are available.

Free Form

For example, if you’re after a random looking cladding – Free Form is ideal for you. With Free Form Stone Cladding, you’ll achieve a random and unique looking wall. With no two pieces the same, this type of Wall Cladding is suitable for those wanting an organic and earthy feel.

Free Form Example

Random Ashlar

Now if you’re wanting something random but slightly more uniform, Ashlar Stone Wall Cladding is right for you. Random Ashlar Cladding is renowned for its structured finish and clean lines. We would recommend this type of cladding for those with a Traditional or Provincial style home.

Random Ashlar Example

Dry Wall

Dry Wall Cladding is yet another form of loose stone, with the same structure as Ashlar but more notably modern. Our Dry Wall comes in a variety of Granite, Limestone or Slate and are suitable for all applications. You’ll find that Dry Wall cladding is more rectangular in appearance whilst still maintaining a rugged and natural look.

Dry Wall Example

Stone Wall Panels

For those looking for easy installation, you cannot go past our range of Interlocking Stone Panels. This particular Wall Cladding comes on Mesh Panels that interlock with each other, resulting in a seamless Feature wall or Garden bed.

Stone Wall Panels example

Installation Budget

Another factor that is often missed when shopping around for wall cladding is the cost of installation. Whilst some are brave enough to opt for DIY – not everyone has the time, nor the patience.

If you’re looking to hire a landscaper to do the job, there are several things to consider. If your budget is running low, we would recommend to use Stone Wall Panels, rather than Loose Stone. The reason being is, it is much easier and time efficient – therefore cheaper to install.

Nothing quite beats the look of Random Loose Stone Cladding and if budget allows, we would recommend you use a professional Landscaper for optimal results. With each piece of stone being meticulously laid, you can understand that it comes at a premium.

Surface Area

Lastly, we ask you to consider the size of the area to be cladded. If you have a large open area, you have free reign to pick whichever wall cladding like most. However those with narrow columns and small surface areas will need to use loose cladding as we do not recommend cutting of our interlocking panels.

With these three factors now in mind, feel free to browse our range of Wall Cladding or chat with us online at for more information.

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