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Get An Extravagant Variety Of Styles To Choose From. Get Luxury And Non Luxury Tiles At Our Tiles Shop in Smithfield. Suitable Tiles For Your Home And Office.

Now worry, no further if you were looking for the best specialized service in Sydney to provide you with tiles to cover up your residential and office space. Our Tiles Shop in Smithfield is connected to all departments providing tiles for your bedroom, your bathroom and for different wall cladding purposes. We are wholesalers of tiles in Smithfield dealing in bulk material always ready for delivery. We have an expertise and have a large range of tiles such as porcelain tiles, natural tiles, travertine, limestone and Bluestone tiles to name a few. We have become the Tile Gallery of choice with standard quality tiles offered at affordable rates. We also provide stepping stone, tiles so that every landscaper will love our service and every lavish office space will prefer us over others.

Our collection of tiles includes


You can find a variety of options in the materials section like granite, marble, porcelain, natural stone, travertine, sandstone, bluestone and limestone.

Customers can choose their suitable tiles according to their occasion and style.

Bluestone tiles always have a very conservative feel to it. They can be found in light or dark shades.

Ceramic are the best options for bathroom and kitchen tiling as it adds a clean and organized look.

Most of the customers go for marble as they think it automatically brightens up the place. Marbles can be used in living areas, kitchen and outdoor spaces.

Visit our showroom to experience the natural beauty and versatility of our collection in person.

Along with this, we have options in glass mosaics and wall claddings.

Our aim is to provide you with products that have international touch to it. We focus both on traditional and modern houses where both need different selection of tiles.

If you are giving us the responsibility of the entire property, then we will work on specific areas with utmost care.

Get a wide range of tile options from all around the world, to cover and decorate your floor, walls, roofs as well as the ceiling



Along with the above range of collections, we provide other products as well. Contact us for further queries and do visit us in our showroom for further details.

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For finalising your project, it is most suitable for you to come over at our workshop. It will be easier for you to choose tiles that suit your preference. Unlike other tile shops, we offer a wide variety of collection from all around the world to provide you international designs. Contact us via telephone or social media platforms.