Why Sandstone Tiles are Good for Outdoor?

Sandstone looks Tiles

Are you wondering whether sandstone tiles would work for your outdoors?

Picking up the right flooring stone material for the outdoor area is an immense decision. The choice of material should be a must for such applications. Mimicking the look of beach and desert sand, sandstone is a beautiful natural floor covering that has been utilized worldwide and have a strong heritage in both architecture and landscape design. Here is why sandstone tiles are good for outdoors.

1. Why sandstone?

Made from a natural material, sandstone outdoor tiles last longer than almost any other material. Sandstone tiles have excellent slip resistance features that make them a safe surface for kids around a pool, which is often a concern of architects working on residential projects. They also allow the pools to stay cool underfoot in the heat of summer.

Sandstone tiles and Sandstone Pavers are tough, durable and non-combustible, therefore fire-resistant. Ranging in colour from medium tone whites to multi-coloured maelstroms and all the way back to charcoal and black, sandstone can cover vast stretches of hues that give the outdoor area stunning natural beauty. The colours, patterns, and hues found in each individual piece are completely unique and different.

2. Sandstone look tiles  

Sandstone look tiles are made to look very similar to real sandstone but are more versatile and durable. Ideal for people who want the look of stone but none of the drawbacks, the tiles don’t require the care and cleaning that real stone tiles do. Sandstone look outdoor tiles are an ideal choice for outdoor areas, pool surrounds, stairs and much more in both residential and commercial applications.
They are made from a couple of different materials and are available in a range of sizes, textures and thickness to achieve any desired sandstone look with the tile. The natural beauty and variation in sandstone have a rich history in Australia and you can achieve the same look as natural sandstone with the sandstone look outdoor tiles.

3. How to clean sandstone

Cleaning outdoor sandstone tiles can be difficult because sandstone is a naturally porous stone and can accumulate a lot of dirt and moulds. Sealing sandstone makes it easier to clean. You need to first vacuum or wipe the surface of tiles to remove any loose dust or grit.

Cleaning outdoor sandstone tiles should be done bit by bit (no more than 3 square metres at a time) using a light solution of sandstone tile cleaner as advised by your local tile supplier. Use a soft brush or broom for cleaning sandstone to enable you to work the solution into the sandstone pores and grout. After cleaning sandstone tiles with water, one should dry them using a towel.

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