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Everything You Need to Know About Travertine Tiles

Most people often hear about travertine stone when they look for paving options, either for their balconies, patios, or pool decks. However, when asked what exactly travertine is, they may not be able to tell you. If you are facing this exact same situation, fear not. Today, we’ll answer all of your questions and help you learn everything that you need to know when it comes to travertine tiling [...]


Why Travertine Pavers Should Be Your Next Choice

As summer approaches, the hot vacation season that lulls people all over Sydney out of their offices and into their backyards the time to sit back and relax by the pool is almost at hand. After months and months of hard work, there are few things that are as amazing as reclining on the edges of your pool on a hot summer’s day. However, this experience can be enhanced [...]