How To Spice Up Your Home Décor With Decorative Tiles

Home decorative Tiles

Home decoration can be a little predictable and boring. Even though the process is supposed to get your creative side out you may end up falling into old habits when it comes to your design choices. By doing this you will end up pretty much where you started off and the whole process would have been for nothing. Tiles are a creative way to give any room an extra sparkle especially if you find innovative ways to incorporate tiling into unexpected places in the home.

At Sydney Tile Gallery we believe that good tiling is a necessary backdrop for a beautiful home. Here is how you can shake up your home design using tiles.

1. Bold Graphics

Neutral colours are very popular when it comes to tiles and it’s easy to see why. They seamlessly blend in with basically any type of room and give you a blank canvas on which you can start to design your home. Here’s an idea and bold graphics are a great way to brighten things up. Artsy patterns such as those on these Encaustic handmade tiles are a great way to incorporate style and flair into your home design.

2. Mismatch Rebellion

If you feel like being a little rebellious with your tiling choices why not take a chance and have mismatched floors? Many people think it’s hard to pull it off but it really isn’t. The key is to pick mismatched tiles that are actually complementary and have a base that belongs to the same colour family. A  great wall decorative tile idea is to pair these Picket tiles with the Squeezed hexagon mosaic tiles.

3. Playful Textures

If you are going to have a backsplash in your home you don’t need to play it safe. Let your backsplash soar with the help of unexpected textures and shapes. A great option is to have these Clam collection tiles which bring a unique feel to any space. This play on shapes will be visually appealing and can be a standout feature of your living space. For a more textured feel, you can choose the Terracotta Brix tiles.

4. A Colour Splash

Not everyone is comfortable with tiling a full room and that’s fine. You can add colourful tiles only to one area in your kitchen or bathroom. Centralising a colourful tile like these Opal ceramic tiles keeps the pattern from feeling to busy. It also allows you to have a bold colour scheme without ending up with a room that is just too loud.

So, what are you waiting for?? View our full catalogue of decorative tiles HERE and you can give your home design the boost that it needs only at Sydney Tile Gallery we have all the answers for all your tile needs to stay with the latest trend in tiles and design.

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