5 Tile Design Trends to Watch in 2019

Want to keep abreast with what is trending in tile designs?

Homeowners are set to forge their own bold and daring statements in homes, building on previous renovation experiences. New unique styles are set to be embraced throughout the homes, with designs including playful colors, organic charm, easy living, and healthy homes. Here are 5 tile design trends to watch in 2019.

1. Exposed life

The exposed life trend represents a simple approach to living, from recycling and reusing, to intentionally using space and creating a more meaningful, sustainable life. Here, neutral materials are wrapped in earthy finishes and blended with weather-worn motifs that draw from nature. Exposed life spans romantic timber patinas, rich color pallets of deep blues, dusty plums, and bronze.

2. Melodrama life

This is for those who love luxury and is all about taking something old and giving it a modern twist and a new lease on life. Melodrama life blends rich, lush color; artfully curated furniture; and furnishings from contrasting periods. One example is creating a wonderful sense of theatre and fun, with a bathroom renovation heading towards a two-toned tile, with a free-standing tub and oversized gold or matt black tapware.

3. Biotech life

Biotech life is another tile trend to watch in 2019, representing a playful fusion of greening of indoor spaces and green technology, sympathizing with the environment and being mindful of our health. This trend mixes tropical and urban mentalities but looking to draw the outside-in. From plant-life to the color green, one requires organic structures to always be at the core of the narrative. You can go for a marble-look slab tile and green-hued decorative glass mosaic tile as a standout feature wall, accessorized with gold tapware, an oversized showerhead, green ferns, and timber bathmat.

4. Still life

Simplicity is celebrated by this trend, with careful curation creating open, fresh and calm living environments. Spaces that these style influences are paired back, but premium, being likened to a still life painting. Here, you can select a central feature in your bathroom design such as a free-standing tub, then add color, with unexpected textures like satin-finish to frame its focal point. Concrete slab tiles and a geometric print pair well with this style.

5. Lifeline

Lifeline connects a melting pot of cultures and stories of Australians with crucible-like magic, exposing elements in their true, raw form. This style involves regenerating the past from all cultures with optimistic color, playful designs, plus a dash of out-of-the-box creativity. One can achieve this look with concrete tiles, terrazzo slabs, retro steel chairs as well as burnish metal fixtures.

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