6 Steps to Transforming your House with Pavers

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Are you getting bored by the look of your house?

Installing pavers in your yard can transform your ordinary house into a wonderful gathering area. It is quite economical to use pavers to create your patio and it allows you to build an endless variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Here are 6 steps to transforming your house with pavers.

1.  Measure and clear the area

Measure the area where you want to add pavers in order to determine how many pavers to buy plus the amount of the other supplies needed. You need to have a clear idea of what you want your outdoor area to look like so that you buy enough materials. Using shovels and rakes, clear the area where the pavers will be added.

2.  Purchase pavers and other supplies

Pavers come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors so you need to decide on the ones you would like to use. Different paver patterns can be obtained from paver suppliers. Besides pavers, you also need layers of base and sand below the pavers.

3.  Spread and level the paver base

Use a wheel barrow to move the paver base into the cleared area, then rake and spread the paver base evenly to the height and grade you want. Use your hand tamper to ensure that the paver base is tight and compact. Carefully pour leveling sand on top of the base and use a screed rail to level the paver sand.

4.  Compact the base

When the paver base is in place, use a vibratory plate compactor to compact the base so that it becomes firm. Lightly spray the paver base with water before running it over with the plate compactor to aid in the compaction. Make sure the paver base is solid and that it slopes away from the house.

5.  Lay the pavers

The fifth step in transforming your house with pavers is to lay the pavers in the pattern that you desire, making sure all the joints are tight and running square to the area you are covering. After all of the whole pavers are laid, measure and cut the rest of the pavers. Then, using a blow hammer, tap the pavers into place.

6.  Fill joints with paver sand

Secure the paver stones in place by pouring a fine layer of paver locking sand on top. After all the gaps are filled, gently sweep away excess paver locking sand and then spray a very light mist of water over the patio. The water activates the paver locking sand so that your patio retains its form.

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