Benefits Of Using Crazy Stone Paving In Your Outdoor Surfaces

Crazy paving Stones

Spending time out in the sun can be one of the most cathartic experiences you can have, especially if you lead a busy life in Sydney. When work gets hard and you’re looking for a way to deflate all of your pent-up stress, why not spend some time out on your patio, or by your swimming area. Additionally, family events or parties that are thrown under the sun by the pool have a “Wow” factor that few others can beat. When planning these events, you’re not restricted to hosting during daytime hours alone. A party under the stars in your backyard is also sure to put smiles on your family member’s faces and positive comments in your friends’ mouths.

However, for all of this to take place, you must first invest in building a beautiful outdoor environment. Green grass and rose bushes are great, but when it comes to basking by the pool or dancing under the stars, outdoor paving is essential. As such, it’s very important for you to invest in outdoor paving options (such as our Atlantic Silver Shale Paving), that will not only make your patio or pool area look more inviting, but that will also take your beautiful garden to the next level. For this, the Crazy Stone Paving designs that we offer here at Sydney Tile Gallery are the perfect options.

Below, we’ll talk about some of the benefits that you’ll experience when you fit crazy stone paving into your backyard.

Stunning Beauty

Due to its randomized design of mixed-up funky shapes and beautifully chaotic lines, crazy stone paving is one of the best paving options you can consider if you’re looking for a featured pattern in your backyard. This style of paving began all the way back in ancient Rome and has grown even more stunning as modern pools and luxury lounging areas have been added into the mix over time. So if you’re looking to stun all of your guests during a backyard party, try our Bluestone Crazy Pavers style, or our Travertine Crazy Paving style, and watch their eyes light up.


Here at Sydney Tile Gallery, our crazy stone paving is made out of some of the toughest materials in the world. The stone we use is top of the range; it forms durable and long-lasting paving. In addition, our paving has also been specially constructed to resist harsh weather conditions. Try out our Silver Travertine Crazy Paving, if you’re looking for a paving option that can withstand the test of both the elements and time.

Low Maintenance

Finally, when you purchase our crazy tiles, you’re guaranteed a low-maintenance patio finish that can go for years and years with its original luster and shine. Our crazy paving requires very little cleaning, meaning you won’t have to worry about hiring a cleaning crew regularly in order to keep your outdoor paving looking fresh and brand new.

So, what are you waiting for? Preview our full catalog of crazy stone paving styles HERE, and take the first step toward creating a stunning oasis within your backyard.

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