Granite tiles – Great quality that endures forever


Are you are stuck and need assistance in picking the right tiles for your new bathroom or kitchen? Look no further.

Here at Sydney Tile Gallery, we offer the quality granite tiles you deserve that will last you a lifetime. Granite tiles are manufactured to stand the test of time. Here is why the great quality that endures forever are granite tiles.

1.  What is granite?

Granite stone is a natural stone that is found in the earth and one of the hardest minerals as well. It is second to diamond on resilience and can withstand vast amounts of stain and moisture. Granite comes in different styles and color patterns from black granite to red, pink and grey. These inherent qualities allow granite to hold up in residential settings from countertops to walls and tiles.

2.  Why granite tiles?

Granite tiles are perfect for use in the kitchen and bathrooms because of their versatility, bright shiny appearance, and their durability. The unique patterns from the granite rock make for some of the most unique and colorful tiles, giving your home a clean, sophisticated elegant look. It is unique as an expressive stone, containing a huge range of subtle, environmentally friendly, as well as design-friendly, possibilities.

Unlike other types of flooring, with granite, you don’t need to replace the house after hard family usage.


3.  The beauty of granite tiles

A granite floor, with its graceful tones and the huge range of textures, can produce, is a thing of beauty. As a type of flooring for large areas, it is ideal, providing a real motif for open plan houses and other demanding architectural forms where the floor also operates as an architectural, as well as a design consideration and décor motif.

Granite is also highly regarded as a stone to work with by designers because of its adaptability to different design roles.

4.  Top of the range color schemes with granite tiles

Choosing colors with granite is a lot of fun, and the choices are always interesting. The “grey granite look” is a good example. This look is now very fashionable, as the grey look acts as good lighting control, reducing reflected glare without darkening the area. Granite is also an option for swimming pools, particularly saltwater swimming pools, where its high tolerance for salt makes it a real choice in terms of durability.

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