How to Choose the Right Color Tones For Your Home

Choose Color For Home

Can’t decide on which color tone fits your home? Struggling to figure out where to start with your décor?

Get ready for the interior décor you’ve been dreaming of. Picking the right color scheme for your home, be it newly bought or renovations to your old home, can be a daunting task. It may take countless hours of trial and error to pick the right tone. Here is how to choose the right color tones for your home to spice it up and have it transformed for a fresher new look.

1.  Choose your color scheme

There are three possible colour schemes to choose from depending on your personal tastes and personality. The color wheel will work best when using this technique.

2.  Analogous

The analogous scheme uses colors that appear next to each other on the color wheel. Neutral colors like blue will be used with green and yellow can be used with orange. This will create an illusion of a colorful and smooth palette and will work best with most modern style homes.

color scheme

3.  Monochromatic

The monochromatic scheme uses different tones and shades for the same color by adding more white or black do lighten or darken the shade of the color. For example a blue can become a dark blue by adding more black or pale blue by adding more white. This again will give a smooth transition of colors in your palette and offer that classic modern look.

4.  Complementary

The complementary method is very dramatic and might not suite everyone’s taste. It is definitely for the bold who are not afraid to be different and try new things with their color palettes. Two opposing colors are used such as yellow-orange and red-blue. This offers a very vibrant look to your home palette.

5.  Furnish your home first

It is very often ill-advised to start your home décor with tiling the walls before furnishing your home. Once you have found the right furniture for your home, you can then go on to find the right color scheme to match with your furniture. It is a very modern look to not paint the walls white and let the furniture stand out.

6.  Test your color tones first

A good way to plan your palette and how they would mix and match with your furniture and fabric would be to buy samples of tiles and cheap fabric cloth. This will allow you to plan ahead and have an idea of how your home décor will look well before you buy the actual materials for your home.

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