How to Style & Tile a Small Space

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Decorating a small room can be a big challenge. If you are very inspired, it’s easy to get too many pieces of furniture and clutter the room. This has the opposite effect, instead of a beautifully styled room you end up with one that looks too full. Petite spaces, if decorated right can be charming. We have compiled a list of ideas that you can use to decorate and tile any small space.

1. Install the right flooring

This is the first step. The right flooring and tiling can make a not-so-spacious room look bigger. Instead of using strip tiles, opt for planks as they visually extend any room. Install them such that they run parallel to the longest wall in your room. If you have small square footage in your apartment, use the same tile throughout the entire space to make it look seamless.

If you chose stone, laminate, hardwood or tile flooring, install it diagonally. This works for oversized tiles as well. by using this tile layout, you can enhance your floor space. Darker coloured tiles if paired with the right wall paint will make small spaces look amazing! You can also use darker tones for mouldings and trims.

Another idea is to mix up different sized tiles. Consults a tile specialist for this as not all tiles work well together, and it needs a trained eye to pull it off. It is impossible to increase the size of your rooms but by picking the right flooring you can fool the eye and make any room feel bigger.

2. Decorate appropriately

You can open up small spaces by using the right lighting. If possible, let natural light shine and use additional lighting for extra warmth. You can use the floor and table lamps if your room will allow. If these will cramp up your space, opt for string lights, pendant lighting, and wall sconces. If you do not have large windows, mirrors will help you make the most of all the natural light you have available.

The placement of your furniture is very important. Remember that the more flooring you can see, the bigger a room feels. Put bigger pieces of furniture such as couches and bookcases up against a wall instead of the middle of the room. Be strategic about your furniture placement and this will create the illusion of more space.

Edit down the number of things you put into any small room. If you don’t use it more than once every two months, get rid of it. It is easy to keep getting new pieces for a room whenever you get inspired so de-cluttering should be a continuous process. If it is impractical, of no use or does not give you joy get rid of it.

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