Outdoor Tiles – a Variety of Choice for You


Are you planning on renovating your outdoor area? Would you like to know which tiles to use?

A variety of outdoor tiles are available for your home. However, you need to choose the right type of tiles. Factors affecting outdoor paving include movement of people and vehicles, weather and temperature change. As a result, outdoor tiles need to be strong and durable, highly resistant to wear and extreme weather elements.

Here is a list of outdoor tiles that you can choose from:

1.  Natural stone

The rustic finish on natural stone gives a wonderful natural look in outside spaces. Natural stone tiles come in a various collections like granite, marble, slate, travertine, and limestone and are available in different shapes and sizes. For outdoor areas with plenty of light, bluestone tiles and black granite tiles are the best choices.

2.  Granite

Granite is the hardest and least porous of all the natural stones and does not chip or crack. Granite tiles do not stain or absorb oils easily and can withstand adverse weather conditions. When used to make pathways, they create spaces that not only impress but last a lifetime.

3.  Limestone

Limestone Tiles is strong and durable and is one of the best outdoor tile choices for creating a rustic appearance. They are easy to clean but care must be taken as they can be scratched or chipped. Limestone tiles need to be properly sealed to prevent stains.

4.  Travertine

Travertine Tiles has a beautiful texture and color and is one of the most luxurious looking tile choices. Outdoor tiles made from this natural stone can transform the look and feel of your space dramatically. The natural texture of travertine provides a grip that makes it an attractive choice for outdoor steps and around swimming pools.

5.  Marble

Marble is the second hardest natural stone and slightly more porous than granite but is durable and resilient. Available in many variations of color, design, and finishing, marble tiles can be utilized for an outdoor area in homes to make a rich and novel look.

6.  Porcelain

Due to its durability, versatility, affordability, and resistance to mildew and staining, porcelain is a perfect choice for outdoor areas. Porcelain tiles allow for more variables in texture so they can mimic real stone. Non-slip textures are perfect for steps and walkways.

7.  Ceramic

Ceramic tiles is best suited for light-use patios since it is not as strong as other choices. It can be used for outdoor wall tiles to add a splash of color. The most common types of tiles in use today that are made out of clay and then fired in a kiln at very high temperatures.

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