Tips For Choosing Pool Coping Tiles

pool Coping tiles

‘Coping’ is not a word that people regularly use. You may be wondering what it is and what purpose it serves on swimming pools. The benefits of pool coping may come as a surprise to you. Pool coping increases pool safety, reflects the style of the pool owner and has many more advantages listed below. Read on to find out what these are and how you can choose the best pool coping tiles.

What are pool coping tiles?

pool coping

Coping tiles make the border of the swimming pool and they cover or go just over the waterline. They are installed to finish the top edge of the pool. Coping tiles are oftentimes made of stone (e.g. granite, travertine or slate) but one can be creative and use mosaic glass tiles to make the pool edge more luxurious. Pool coping tiles usually are installed to form a square edge, drop down rebated edge or bullnose edge. They give the pool edge a stylish, textured look and can make it look very unique.

What are the advantages of pool coping tiles?

Pool coping tiles make your swimming pool look more stylish. They can be used to contrast with the colour of the pool water or to match it. They also act as a safety feature as they are made of less slippery material than the pool tiles. Good quality pool coping tiles do not heat up underfoot under very hot weather and are resistant to mould, dirt and stains. They are also easy to clean.

Coping tiles also have rounded edges that swimmers can hold onto without cutting themselves.  When these tiles are properly installed, they allow water that splashes out of the pool to flow away into the drains and not form puddles. Pool coping tiles come in a wide variety of colours and styles which make it easier to stick to a certain theme for your swimming pool. The right pool coping tiles will reflect your style and personality.

How to buy pool coping tiles

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When choosing your pool coping tiles, visit a quality tile vendor. Here you are guaranteed that whatever tiles you end up choosing will not only look good straight after installing but will be durable as well. You must choose the material you will get your coping tiles in, the texture of your tiles and the colour. If you are replacing your pool coping, make sure that the replacement tiles match the existing coping on your swimming pool.

The style of your pool will help make these choices easier as it will narrow down your options. For example, if you have a salt chlorinated swimming pool then pool coping tiles you choose need to be salt resistant. The right choice will seamlessly blend with the pool tiles as well as complement the area around the pool.

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