Stone Flooring Trade-Offs Ease and Safety

Stone Flooring

Are you wondering which stone flooring material will not only add beauty but is safe and easy to clean?

When it comes to researching natural stone and how it can be used in residential and commercial floors, a number of factors come into play, such as aesthetic design, slip resistance and ease of cleaning. Although some stone flooring material may be easy to clean and maintain, it may be slippery, hence not safe for use in certain areas. Here are some stone flooring trade-offs ease and safety options that you can consider.

1. Stone flooring options for commercial floors

When selecting stone flooring for large shopping malls, beauty and ease of cleaning outweighs the risk of slipping. Polished or honed marble, travertine or granite surfaces are preferred because they are easy to clean. Cleaning such large floors after hours is a huge cost hence speed is important. Machines will move over smooth surfaces quickly and do a good cleaning job. Contingency budgets for injuries that may be caused by spilled food and drink beverages are greatly outweighed by maintenance costs.

2. Quartzite: A popular outdoor surface

The ease of cleaning is directly proportional to the smoothness of the surface. Quartzite, a popular outdoor surface that has been used for many years because of its beautiful colors and gripping natural split surface, is a good stone flooring trade-off ease and safety option to consider. It is an extremely strong and durable natural stone that is very safe to use but a high pressure hose is needed to clean it. Quartzite slabs or tiles are versatile material for counter-tops, flooring, shower walls, and fireplace surrounds. However, it is also porous and liable to suck up liquid spills. Sealing quartzite at least once a year will prevent stains and keep floors looking shiny and new for many years to come.

3. Bathroom stone flooring

Nowadays, the preferred choice of stone in bathrooms has a honed surface in a stone flooring trade-off for ease of cleaning and elegance. A trend towards a softer more aged look in bathrooms is now common so tumbled finished travertine with low pore frequencies have been popular. The risk of slipping is moderated by people moving slowly and carefully in bathrooms.

Bathroom Stone Flooring

4. Stone flooring in swimming pools

Stone flooring in swimming pools provide a challenge because children can run around the edges so fast hence the stone needs some slip resistance when wet. Tumbled and flamed surfaces are ideal in this case. Classic travertine has been extremely popular for pool decks. The stone surface is not too glory and it does not get too hot in the summer heat.

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