Tile Trends For 2020

new Tile trends

Tiles are the most popular surfacing materials and here’s the reason why: they are versatile, durable, outdoor-friendly and low maintenance. Every year there are key events hosted in the tile industry where the latest styles and innovations are showcased. In Italy, the united states of America and here in Australia big expos are hosted and everyone in attendance wants to know what the next big thing in tiling will be. Below are some new tile trends for 2020.

1. Invest in Rare and Precious Stone Inspired Tiles

Tile technology is quickly advancing, and this tile trend demonstrates just that. Not everyone can afford to have real precious stone or rare stone tiling as it is very expensive. If you still love that unique and majestic look, look no further, manufacturers can now mimic what rare stone tiles look like with ceramic and glass. These tiles are perfect for master suites, shower tiling and for decorating living spaces.

2. Get Artistic Inspired Stunning Bas Relief Tiles

These are sculptured tiles that are art inspired. They can look like anaglypta wallpaper or be ridged or have waves on them. If you are planning to have a minimalist look these tiles will be a visually stimulating backdrop to the rest of the room. Bas relief tiles are modern and work best with monochromatic tiles. For a stunning finish that is also durable, opt for ceramic bas relief tiles.

3. Use Blending Tiles for That Chic Sophisticated Look

This is not a new trend per se but it deserves to be mentioned on this list. Tile blending has been popular for the last few seasons and continues to be. You can blend marble and terrazzo, wood and concrete, or wood and fabric to create a chic sophisticated look. By blending two materials into one tile this adds interest to whatever space you decide to put these tiles in and gives it a unique look.

4. Greenery Inspired Tiles

For outdoor fans, this is a big hit. Greenery inspired tiles to add a splash of colour to any room and are easy to work with to create a calm feel in a room. In 2020 tile collections have vines, flowers, fronts and other flora. These tiles come in many colours such as sage green, red and terracotta. You can use these tiles for inspiration for the rest of the room’s design or set a theme for a room.

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