Top 7 Reasons Why Ceramic Tiles Are a Great Option for Your Floors and Walls

Ceramic Floor and wall tiles

Have you been wondering which tiles would be best for your floors and walls, considering the wide range of options available? Relax, we have the answer for you.

One of the most popular options for tiling walls and floors in homes and offices are ceramic tiles. This is because ceramic tiles are one of the most feasible and beautiful tiles, that come in different sizes, shapes, and textures. Ceramic tiles are a great option for your floors and walls. Read on, to learn more about why ceramic tiles have added advantages over other types of tiles.

1. Ceramic tiles are eco-friendly

Clay, sand, and glass are the raw materials used to manufacture ceramic tiles. The materials are then blended with other recycled materials to form the final product. Therefore, many ceramic tiles are a product of recyclable material. Ceramic tiles also help to reduce the use of energy by keeping your house cooler during summers.

2. Ceramic tiles are low maintenance

Where maintenance is concerned, ceramic tiles are very easy to maintain. They require simple cleaning and there is no other special maintenance required. Purchasing ceramics can, therefore, be regarded as a one-time investment project.

3. Ceramic tiles are easy-to-clean

All you need is to simply sweep and wipe ceramic tiles to keep them looking great. Therefore, ceramic floors are the best choice for kitchen floors as they can be easily wiped and disinfected from any spills. If the grout gets dirty, formulated grout cleaner can be used to help remove the dirt.

4. Ceramic tiles are cost effective

The cost of ceramic tiles is very reasonable. However, as with all tiles, choosing more high-end tiles will result in higher costs and the more detailed the design, the more you pay.

5. Ceramic tiles come in many styles and design options

Thousands of different ceramic tiles are available all around the world, with extensive shapes, colours, styles, and designs. Anti-slip treated ceramic tiles are readily available too. Frost-resistant ceramic tiles, which are great for external use, are also available.

6. Increase in home value

Homes that have ceramic tiles often attract greater re-sale prices. When an assessment is done, ceramic tiled homes generally get higher home values. Ceramic tiles do not fade even when exposed to sunlight.

7. Fewer household allergens

Ceramic floor tiles are very hygienic and do not attract dust and mites. Homes that have ceramic tiles do not have much dust in the air, resulting in a much healthier environment. The amount of household allergens is reduced, which is an excellent benefit, especially for those who suffer from dust-related allergies.

Where can you get these tiles and more?

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