Trendy Home Tile Choices


Would you love to know some of the trendy home tile choices that you can adapt for your home?

As time moves and technology continues to advance, the wide assortment and varied choices of tiles keep increasing. One good thing about tiles is that one gets to pick a design and shade of his/her choice. However, to be able to do that, one needs to make sure that they are getting a well-rounded opinion about the current trends and style of home tiles. Here is a look at trendy home tile choices that you may want to consider.

1.  Mirror Tiles

Mirror tiles are one of the fastest rising trends in tile, amplifying light and bringing elegance and dimension to the room. Antique and classic mirror finishes with beveled or polished edges in a variety of shapes are the most popular tiles. Mirror tiles work well in many areas of the home, especially as a kitchen backsplash or statement wall.

2. Bold color

Besides black and white, more adventurous color choices are emerging, such as brighter blue and darker navy, which compliment all the popular gold and bronze accents.  Tile designers and homeowners are incorporating touches of bold colors with neutrals, to improve the visual appeal of a room.

3. Large-format tiles

With progressing technology, tiles are becoming larger and larger, with current styles reaching up to 60 inches by 120 inches. One type of large format tiles that are gaining popularity is gauged porcelain tiles, due to their thin size and minimal grout lines, which mimic the appearance of grand, giant slabs of stone.

4. Patterned tiles

Patterned tiles are another trendy home tile choice that can easily create a statement in a room. The tiles are growing in popularity and more of these strong, bold patterns are expected to emerge with a focus on creating a focal point in the room. Patterned tiles look gorgeous and are great when combined with plan tiles.

5. Vertical tiles

Different layouts, with vertical patterns of simple tiles, like wood effect, metro and brick tiles being placed vertically up a wall, will be adopted by homeowners. This is to create a feature in a bathroom or kitchen which draws your eyes to the main feature of the room like a beautiful light or mirror.

6.  Hexagon tiles

Hexagon tiles are set to continue in 2019, with the trend moving towards larger sizes and more feature patterns. Hexagon tiles came in a variety of colors, styles, and materials in 2018 but most of these came in one size. This is set to change in 2019 as large format hexagon tiles will increase and create strong honeycomb patterns in our homes.

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