Use Timber Look Tiles for Outdoor Areas

Timber Look Porcelain Tiles

Are you looking for outdoor tiles that will make a lasting impression and give a wow factor to your home in Sydney or elsewhere?

The outdoor area of your home is a great place to associate with and use to entertain your family and friends. One of the best things you can do to make it a usable space, as well as an attractive place, is to use outdoor timber tiles. Outdoor tiles come in an array of different styles and formats. Many people are opting for outdoor tiles over concrete in their outdoor living space and in particular, timber look tiles have become a popular choice of outdoor tiles Sydney. Here is why you should use timber look tiles for outdoor areas.

1. Practical and durable

Almost nothing compares with timber look porcelain tiles when it comes to durability. Porcelain is a hard material and is often used in high traffic areas. It is a huge plus for outdoor areas where the floor is exposed to various damaging elements.

Unlike natural timber, timber look outdoor tiles are not affected by the rain and heat, hence will last longer. Timber look tiles can also come in a non-slip finish which is perfect for high traffic areas that can sometimes get wet, making them ideal for pool areas.

2. The look

Timber look floor tiles come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures and take on the look of natural timber. This allows designers to introduce the stylish charm of timber in an outdoor space, giving you a great selection and really finish off your outdoor area with the exact style you’re looking for.

The outdoor tiles can be used on your driveway, around your pool or in your undercover outdoor living space and they can even create a walkway to keep people off the grass.

3. Friendly to the environment

There is no need to cut down trees in order to produce timber look tiles. Leading tile manufacturers are also using recycled materials in order to keep environmental damage to a minimum.

4. Costs

Timber look tiles don’t have any rotting repair costs and they don’t need to be sealed or stained on a regular basis, unlike natural timber.

5. Low maintenance living

Another reason why you should use timber look tiles for outdoor areas is that timber look tiles require virtually no maintenance. A real timber floor tile can scratch, warp and is easily damaged by moisture while, on the other hand, outdoor timber look tiles won’t warp, scratch or require any sealing or special treatment.

Are you ready to purchase timber look tiles for your outdoor area?

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