What is Trending in Terrazzo?

Terrazzo Tiles

Do you want to know how you can incorporate terrazzo into your home design?

Originating in Italy over 500 years ago, terrazzo has made a major comeback and is now one of the hottest interior design trends that you’ll be seeing everywhere. Suitable for walls and floors in all areas of your home, this dazzling display of speckled colour is visually appealing and versatile. To help you design your home or office space with terrazzo flooring and partitions, here is what is trending in terrazzo.

1. What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a flooring material made from marble, quartz, glass or granite chips that are set in cement or resin and it usually features myriad colours on a white or black background. The intricate and interesting patterns that result from this mixture that has established terrazzo as a design style that delivers an aesthetic punch.

The unlimited variety of natural stones and all kinds of colourful chips used for terrazzo looking surfaces are being remastered to blend with modern day homes.

2. Connecting with nature  

This trending combines terrazzo tiles with an array of greens and plants that can be used for your indoor theme. Placing greens against light-coloured terrazzo marble tiles will light up a room instantly, appearing vibrant and brighter. If the flooring has already been laid out and decided, one can also use terrazzo pots for plants.

3. Terrazzo as part of responsible and sustainable practices 

As awareness increases about sustainable practices in design, more clients are executing interior design in the most environmental-friendly approach. This hot and classy trending in terrazzo incorporates energy-efficient lighting, as well as natural and renewable resources such natural stones, employing the most responsible practices. Terrazzo is great for flooring, especially poured in liquid form to make a seamless surface, and kitchen tops and the terrazzo floor or wall will go with any piece of furniture you put in the room.

4. Maximal versus minimal art 

As minimalist art slowly takes a backseat, maximalist art pieces that are vibrant and concrete are taking their place. People are starting to use terrazzo for accessories and furniture. Spaces are being revived with art pieces that have bold details and colours.

Smaller pieces like floor lamps and throw pillows will match the art pieces, taking the colour cues from the same centre art piece for the room. The simple and subtle tones of terrazzo will enable these colours to pop in the room.

5. Wallpapers  

Plain walls are becoming obsolete and wallpapers are back. These will revive the classic and playful era of shapes and patterns. Terrazzo designers will have more options for wallpapers now, given the capacity to customize and print designs on-demand.

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