Which Are The Best Tiles For Flooring?

mosaic tiles natural stone

With so many tiles available which are the best ones to use for flooring?

Good tiles will immediately leave a good impression on guests visiting your home. Well-chosen tiles can make or break the appearance of your home. And if you’re thinking of selling in the future, you should make the selection of your new tiles carefully.

So, which tiles should you opt for? Here are five noble contenders.

1. Coloured Terrazzo tiles for a variety

Terrazzo tiles are a mixture of granite, quartz and marble chips. This unique combination gives them their highly-sought-after charm. The chips are held together by cement in which the chips are embedded. Coloured Terrazzo tiles are available in greys, green and black. However, it is possible to get tailored options. Terrazzo bathroom tiles can be found in many modern houses and apartments because of their chicness. It is difficult to go wrong when using Terrazzo tiles for flooring.

2. Porcelain tiles for high traffic areas

Porcelain is a durable material that has a high liquid resistance, is stain resistant, fireproof and scratch-resistant. For these reasons, it makes a favorable option for areas with high foot traffic such as kitchen floors, entryways, hallways, and also commercial floors. Porcelain’s durability is legendary and is stronger than ceramic tiles. However, this also means that it is slightly more expensive than ceramic tiles.

3. Glazed ceramic tiles for bathrooms

Mosaic tiles particularly those that have been glazed are impervious to water and stains. This means that they can be installed in areas with high humidity such as bathrooms. Additionally, maintenance is very simple because dirt is only surface level. The occasional vacuuming or sweeping will remove said dirt. Because ceramic tiles have been fired up they are very hard to crack. This is good and ensures a solid floor for many years to come.

4. Mosaic tiles for alfresco areas

Mosaic tiles come in all colors and designs. Customise your alfresco patio by installing mosaic tiles as your flooring option. The great thing about mosaic tiles is that they can be made from a variety of other tiles including glass tiles, porcelain tiles, and ceramic tiles. So you get the best of both worlds. To add on, mosaic tiles can be found as both glazed and unglazed.

5. Natural stone tiles for a solid look

If you’d like to create a solid look in your home, then consider natural stone tiles. These tiles are among the most durable on the market. In this category are marble and granite tiles which make ideal flooring solutions for living rooms and bathrooms. Apart from using them as floor options, you can use these natural stones to create matching kitchen counters.

Where to purchase tiles in Sydney

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