Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Travertine in Australia

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Travertine in Australia

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Are you thinking of using travertine in your next building project, but would like more information about this beautiful stone?

Travertine is a natural stone that has been used in construction projects since time memorial. The Colosseum in Italy happens to be the largest building ever constructed using travertine. Today, travertine is more commonly used for creating garden paths, paving patios, and tiling kitchens among other rooms.

Is travertine tile good for shower walls?

Travertine is a porous natural stone, making it a less-than-desirable tiling option for places where humidity levels are high. If you intend on tiling shower walls with travertine tiles, we strongly recommend that you have a professional properly seal the finished installation with a high-grade sealer. The sealer will keep travertine from absorbing water, and hopefully, keep the naturally occurring pits in travertine from growing any larger.

Are there different grades of travertine tile?

Travertine is available in three different grades, with each grade offering different properties. These three grades are commercial, premium and standard. We’ve seen a recent increase in the number of people opting for premium travertine tiles, so we’ll try to explain why premium travertine tiles became a new obsession.


Premium grade travertine is also known as first grade. Great care is taken with cutting this type of travertine. Its thickness is uniform and the stone has little filler in it. The tiles have consistent color, are less blemished, with little to no discoloration, giving an overall pleasing look once installed.


Standard grade travertine, available in stores as the second grade is also well cut, with a uniform thickness, but featuring more filler than that found in first-grade travertine. Tile colors may feature striations and or swirl patterns.


Commercial travertine can also be referred to as third-grade travertine. It doesn’t come perfectly cut, and neither does it have a uniform thickness. The amount of filler in this stone is significantly higher than that found in first grade and second-grade travertine. Tiles may contain grey and black blemishes and may not be of a uniform colour when they arrive.

Is travertine a good choice for the kitchen floor?

Travertine tiles are an ideal kitchen floor option because of their durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. How durable is travertine floor tile? They are stronger than porcelain, wood, or vinyl. With proper treating, travertine can last for many years.

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How expensive is travertine?

The cost of travertine is determined by two major factors: its source location and its grade. Most high-grade travertine in Australia is imported from Europe, particularly Italy. Browse through our curated range of travertine tiles and discover quality tiles from as low as $13.60 per square metre. Our premium, high-end tiles range from $75 to $120.

Where to buy travertine tiles

Sydney Tile Gallery is a leading tile shop located in the Inner West. Come through and browse our collection of high quality, high-grade travertine tiles. Book your appointment with us today by calling our friendly staff on 0415 068 469 or send us an email at info@sydneytilegallery.com

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