Travertine Pavers – Enhance the Look of Your Backyard


Is your backyard not looking as vibrant as you would want it to be?

There are several steps that you can take to enhance the look of your home’s outdoor area. One of the simplest and most affordable ways to do this is to install travertine pavers in your backyard. Here is how you can enhance the look of your backyard with travertine pavers.

1.  Choosing the right size, design, and color

Travertine pavers are available in size, design, and color that perfectly match any style of your home decor. Light colored travertine tiles can provide a touch of class to your outdoor space especially when combined with classy outdoor furniture. Brushed travertine pavers are both long lasting and non-slippery.

2.  Use silver pavers for the pool deck

Although most people prefer earthy tones that are so natural to the stone, these may look a bit rustic and dated. Instead, go for silver travertine pavers as they will create a sophisticated foundation for your pool area, clearly reflecting the shine of the water.

3.  Combine pavers and grass

One great new way of enhancing your backyard with travertine tiles is to create a gridwork with the pavers and the grass. The contrast created by the textures and the colors is very interesting. You can use this format to create a path through your yard, form an accent border around a patio or pave an entire patio.

4.  Select honed pavers

For a more contemporary look, choose honed pavers like silver travertine honed pavers. These pavers have a polished look that appears more glossy and luxurious. Honed pavers are suitable for the deck around a pool, but can also be used for landscaping accents and patios.

5.  Travertine tiles: Australia’s latest fashion in flooring

If you are planning on making your home appealing through floor tiles, be sure to check out for travertine tiles, the latest fashion in floor tiles. In the last 12 months, Turkish imports of travertine to Australia have risen by 80%, hence using travertine can really modernize your home. Travertine pavers are so stylish and aesthetically pleasing, which is why they are so much sought after.

6.  Travertine floor tiles – Sydney’s popular choice of natural stone floor tiles

One of the bestselling travertine tiles that are becoming a natural stone of choice in the Sydney market is tumbled travertine. Tumbled travertine has a fibrous appearance and is suitable for all wall and floor coverings. These tiles are perfect for outdoor use because their tumbled finish ensures a good grip. Each piece varies in color and the texture changes slightly, making each piece unique.

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