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Travertine Tiles

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The Beauty of Travertine Tiles

Travertine Tiles & Pavers are an excellent option for those who are willing to add a touch of luxury and class without being over the top. Travertine is the most durable, low maintenance and affordable natural stone on the market, making a very popular choice for use in both residential and commercial projects. We have a wide range of Travertine that is suitable to be used both internally and externally, allowing for continual flow from indoor to outdoor. Our pavers are one of our best sellers, being the best option for Pools & outdoor seating areas.

Travertine Tiles are seen to be a very selected item in the Australian building industry the main reason is the application factors that these tiles can be placed in and how long they last is very important and let’s be realistic Natural Stone is always going to be long lasting if it looked after accordingly!

We import a wide range of natural stone pavers and tile products from all over Europe, and are dedicated to selling all products at the best possible prices.


Travertine Tiles

Can be sealed to give complete water sealing, they have become so common now due to their durability and maintenance factors! With all these aspects its quick obvious why they are so popular!

Around the pool, especially Travertine Tiles and Pavers are naturally salt and chlorine safe, so you won’t get any issues with it comes to water effected issues! Travertine Tiles and Pavers have stood the test of time and the strong Australian weather, climate which is known to be at times one of the harshest in the world so they get a big tick for all round sustainability.

Let’s look at the origins
of Travertine Tiles


Travertine is a type of stone when you look at it once you instantly fall in love with its patterns, nice, earthy colors. The randomness of its natural beauty is what gives it that aesthetic edge over other sections of stone that are available in the market

We here at the Sydney Tile Gallery have a wide range of Travertine tiles that are very rare to come across in Sydney! This is the reason we are considered to be a leading supplier in the region.

The best part of Travertine Tiles are that they are of a timeless origin, the ancient cities of Rome are filled with Travertine so it plays a part of the testimony of beauty that this stone is in itself beautiful.

Visit our Sydney showroom to experience the natural beauty and versatility of our collection in person.


When it comes to selection of Tiles for an indoor or outdoor area? Whether it’s a new build or a renovation project this aspect of selection is very hard and we know this! We have helped thousands of customers come over this obstacle in our showroom!

Replacing old pavers? Replacing old bricks that were used as pavers? Replacing old concrete?

Travertine Tiles are the most selected choice from old to new application due to the durability and water resistance! So they are great inside and outside! Living area or wet area! Bring it on!

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Travertine prices

The prices for our Travertine tiles are subject to many aspects compared to our competition! The fact is that our pricing is very competitive based on the quality of the product you are purchasing! There are many factors to consider? Do you know of friends or family purchasing Travertine for cheap? Chances are they are not the real thing! Consider this is a natural stone and not a man made product so it’s harder to get, harder to cut, harder to transport from point of origin to sale!

When it comes to delievery! No problem well get any where in Australia!

When it comes point of delivery of your latest order with the Sydney Tile Gallery! Rest assure we are aligned with very reputable transport companies that offer safe and reliable transport services for your tiles anywhere in Sydney! Whether its:

Moffett Forklift?

Our transport solutions will guarantee that your delivery of Travertine tiles will arrive on time with success and safety! If it’s a tight spot to deliver, make sure you let us know at the time of your booking to allow time for correspondence with our Transport Company so that we can assure there will be no delays in the delivery!

As the last thing you need is to delay the job due to wrong information given at the time of the booking!

We can promise that our pricing for delivery is very competitive! Just remember that if you have the vehicle that can accommodate your load of delivery, then that will be great! If you don’t not a problem your tiles will be picked, packed and delivered to your building site within a reasonable time from the point of purchase.

Moffett Forklift?

Located conveniently in the inner west, come meet with us to go through a selection to suit your project. Unlike other tile shops, our large range of products are continouslly stocked and ready to go at short notice. Contact us here to schedule an appointment with our team. We'd love to meet you.



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